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MSlay Luxury Extensions

 MSlay Luxury Extensions were created with the MSlay Culture of Love, natural beauty and positive intentions as our inspiration.


  We sew, colour and treat all of our extensions within the same walls, filled with love and attention put into every small detail.

  We want to help you add length and volume within minutes with no damage to your natural hair so you can achieve your hair dreams with an easy 5 piece full customized set of extensions.

** for extension care please see below.


Extension Length Reference



  • MSlay Hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair, they can be dyed a darker colour or toned by a trusted professional hair stylist.

  • Extensions don't get the natural oils produced from our scalp so they need to be washed infrequently and have salon quality hair oil products applied when used to keep the hair soft and silky for the best hair health longevity.

  • Extensions can be styled and restyled as your own hair but it is highly recommended that you are always using heat protectant to avoid any damage or breakage when styling.

  • To keep your extensions in the best condition we highly recommend brushing the hair frequently.

  • Your extensions will come in a protective bag with a hanger to keep them stored safely and provide extra security in your extension health and longevity.

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