I started sewing wigs for donation in hopes to be a positive part of some women's journeys through battling cancer, everyone is beautiful exactly how they are and I want to capture each clients inner natural beauty in the design of their wig/hair pieces.  These pieces aren't made to simply "cover up" a beautiful bald head, they are made to bring out more confidence and give some feeling of normal back during treatment.

WE have worked with organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society & the Wellspring home to help raise awareness within the cancer community by donating hair pieces and wigs along with educating people on hair loss  and wig care throughout their journey with different treatments. Each wig is hand made from start to finish to our highest quality standard. Every wig and hair piece created from

MSlay Studio is 100% customized for each person ensuring the highest quality of hair and providing the best possible fitting for the most comfortable wear.

Each wig is custom sewn from the measurements of each person, all while taking into consideration what your are looking to achieve with your daily styling routine and what type of activities you partake in so you can have a wig that will best suit your lifestyle. See our gallery below to view some of our custom made wigs. 


Mslay Studio is proud to announce that we will be a sponsor at this years CIBC's Run For The Cure! Come down and show your support to spread awareness within the cancer community. Join the MSlay tribe on Oct 6, 2019 as we will be providing information on everything you need to know about wigs. Click on the link to the right for donations and any other info regarding Run For The Cure.

There are no words to describe how amazing my experience was with Miranda making my wig for me.  Undergoing chemo for Breast Cancer is enough, then you lose your hair shortly into treatments.  Miranda made me feel so beautiful, she created my wig even better then I imagined. She takes her time and does it all with love.  Miranda I’m grateful and blessed for you being here along my journey, you made it that much easier.


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